Band - Jazz/Pop/Rock


- Professional Keyboardist/pianist who has performed in Catalina Island Festival, Palm Spring Fantasy Hotel Concert Hall, Theater, etc. 
- Fluent in Korean and English. 


Graduated Cal State University, Northridge, Jazz studies, BA 


Keyboard | Band


  • Starting 11/7 

  • Age Group: 13 and up  

  • Time :
       5:30 – 7:00 PM 

  • Price : $40 for 1 Session 

  • $400 for 10 Sessions & Consulting & Performance Opportunity

  • Class material: Will be handed out from the instructor 

Tina is the best instructor to lead the ensemble class. Jazz pop & rock bands offer the excitement of group playing in a relaxed yet challenging setting. Small ensembles (four to eight musicians) explore music ranging from straight ahead jazz to classic and contemporary rock. Improvisation is encouraged, but not required. All groups have a performance opportunity at least once per 10 session course.

Tina Park / Instructor