Band - Jazz/Pop/Rock/R&B


- Professional Keyboardist/pianist who has performed in Catalina Island Festival, Palm Spring Fantasy Hotel Concert Hall, Theater, etc. 
- Fluent in Korean and English. 


Graduated Cal State University, Northridge, Jazz studies, BA 


Keyboard | Band


  • Starting 11/7

  • Age Group: 13 and up  

  • Time :
       7:00 – 8:30 PM 

  • Price : $40 for 1 Session 

  • $400 for 10 Sessions & Consulting & Performance Opportunity 

  • Class material: Will be handed out from the instructor 

Tina is teaching POP/ Rock/ Rock/ R&B Band and offering the excitement of group playing in a relaxed yet challenging setting. Small ensembles (four to eight musicians) explore music ranging from straight ahead jazz to classic and contemporary rock, pop, and R&B. Improvisation is encouraged, but not required. All groups have a performance opportunity at least once per 10 session course.

Tina Park / Instructor