Kids Band - Pop/Rock


- Professional Keyboardist/pianist who has performed in Catalina Island Festival, Palm Spring Fantasy Hotel Concert Hall, Theater, etc. 
- Fluent in Korean and English. 


Graduated Cal State University, Northridge, Jazz studies, BA 


Keyboard | Band


  • Starting 11/7 

  • Age Group: 5 and 13 

  • Time :
       SAT 4:00 – 5:30 PM 

  • Price : $40 for 1 Session 

  • $400 for 10 Sessions & Consulting & Performance Opportunity

  • Class material: Will be handed out from the instructor 


This class is run by Tina who is experienced with any age group in ensemble setting. Kids Pop / Rock Band  classes are for kids from 5 - 12, with  any skill levels and interests. This class is fun and engaging group music lessons with our experienced music instructors.

Repertoire are based on the student’s preferred style of music with performance opportunities.

Tina Park / Instructor